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Mid-Peninsula High School
1340 Willow Road    
Menlo Park, California  94025  
Private/Independent School
9 12 133 students


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Employer Description
Mission Statement
Dedicated to the belief that all students belong with expert and compassionate teachers, Mid-Peninsula High School empowers students with the knowledge and purpose to impact a complex world.

College Prep, Less Stress
The 21st century's proverbial "race to nowhere" has shifted the emphasis from learning to arbitrary notions of "rigor." Competitiveness has replaced collaboration, and anxiety has replaced self-confidence. Since 1979, Mid-Peninsula High School has successfully inspired students along their individual paths to college in a supportive manner that de-emphasizes stress and emphasizes a love of learning,

Small School, Big Benefits
Large public high schools fail to support a diverse student population and have become a one-size-fits-all proposition; kids who don't fit the "one size" get lost in the shuffle. At Mid-Pen, our students are afforded close relationships with their teachers and each other in a close-knit environment that would not be possible in a larger school. We are committed to providing students with individualized attention that empowers them to realize their full potential as learners and people.

Diversity Leads to Educational Excellence
When schools prioritize diversity and inclusivity, the result is an enriched school culture. Moreover, diverse perspectives bring about deeper understanding and closer connections in the classroom. Our campus serves an intentionally diverse student body where students thrive academically and socially by virtue of the richness that surrounds them.
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