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Buckingham Browne & Nichols School
80 Gerry's Landing Road    
Cambridge, Massachusetts  02138  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day pre-k 12 1013 students


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Buckingham Browne & Nichols School, a coeducational day school in Cambridge, came into existence in 1974 through the merger of two schools in Cambridge—the Browne & Nichols School founded in 1883 and the Buckingham School founded in 1889.

BB&N today offers a premier educational experience to students in grades Beginner 
(Pre-K) though 12 on three campuses, united in the singular pursuit of educational excellence. Individual attention is given to engage students in a rich and invigorating educational experience of the highest quality and to open their minds to new possibilities while providing outstanding preparation for the next steps of their lives. Co-curricular opportunities in athletics, the arts, community service, foreign travel, and other areas add important dimensions to students’ learning. 


A BB&N education strives to help students gain the intellectual skills and qualities of character that enable them to reach their full potential as learners and as people, in accordance with the School motto of Honor, Scholarship, Kindness.

Head of School: Dr. Jennifer Price


BB&N’s commitment todiversity is integral to the mission and vision of the School. The differentperspectives and experiences of our students define the fabric of our community,contributing to the growth of the individuals who call BB&N their almamater and shape the classroom and extracurricular experiences. To have asclassmates and friends people who are different from oneself, to come to trulyknow the background, experiences, and beliefs of a new friend, is to learn moredeeply about oneself and our world. There is no more important attribute in thepreparation for global citizenship. BB&N values a diverse and inclusivecommunity that fosters respect for the identities and perspectives of all.


BB&N has the good fortune to be in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and we delight in taking full advantage of our enviable location. With three campuses within a mile of Harvard Square, we are able to tap the wealth of educational and cultural resources throughout theGreater Boston area. Cambridge, home to Harvard and MIT, is a diverse,cosmopolitan city that is synonymous with academic energy and the life of the mind. Being in the city has an osmotic effect on BB&N, contributing a distinctive educational vibrancy. 


At BB&N, we embrace Cambridge and Boston as vital parts of our extended “classroom.” BB&N holds a 25-year partnership with the Museum of Fine Arts, which offers the opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to benefit from the museum's programs. BB&N’s Urban Connections Grant program offers the faculty the opportunity to develop a new connection to a local institution that enhances their curricular program and broadens the experiences of our students.  


Global Online Academy:
BB&N has joined Global OnlineAcademy (GOA), a consortium of over 50 leading independent schools throughout the U.S. and abroad that will offer our students the opportunity to learn alongside peers across the country as well as the world. 


Students:  1,003 total students. 551 girls and 492 boys.  38%students of color. 
329 Lower School (grades B-6); 167 Middle School (7-8); 507 Upper School (9-12).
84 towns of origin represented in BB&N’s school-wide student body.

Admission Statistics: Approximately 900 applications for approximately 150 places.

Teacher/Student Ratio: Upper School: 5.9 to 1; Middle School:5.3 to 1; Lower School: 6.7 to 1

Average Class Size: Upper School: 11.7 students/class; Middle School: 13students/class;
Lower School: 20 students in homerooms; 10 students in math & language arts classes; 10 students in specialist classes.


Faculty: 23% identify as people of color and 83% have advanced degrees; 67 have master’s degree 


US AP/Honors:

At the Upper School, Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses are offered in the English, Mathematics, World Languages, Science, History, and Arts departments respectively.  


World Languages

Lower School: French, Spanish

Middle School: Latin, French, Spanish

Upper School: Arabic, Chinese, French, Latin, Russian, Spanish


US Exchange and Travel programs: China, France, Italy, Russia, and a Spanish-speaking country.

Upper School & Middle School Athletics: 

Fall Season: Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Volleyball

Winter Season: Basketball, Fencing, Hockey, Squash, Wrestling

Spring Season: Baseball, Crew, Golf, Lacrosse, Sailing, Softball, Tennis

Tuition: B-3: $34,120; 4-5: $37,960; 6: $44,560; 7-8: $47,100; 9-12: $47,600

Financial Aid: $8.23 million to 23% percent of the student body (230students.)

Average Financial Aid Grant: $34,554

College Counseling: 4 counselors available for guidance.

College Matriculation: The Class of 2018 entered 61 different collegesand universities.

BB&N has 4 libraries on its three campuses. Each campus uses the Follett DestinyServer, which allows for web-based access to the entire school catalog. BB&N is a member of two library consortia (including a group of 14 independent schools in the Boston area that have merged their catalogs and loan books to one another) and currently subscribes to 14 online databases.

Operating Budget: $43,998,280 million       AnnualGiving: $3.7 million during 2017-2018 

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Diversity Mission Statement