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de Paul School, The
1925 Duker Avenue    
Louisville, Kentucky  40205  
Private/Independent School
Coed Day k 8 200 students


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Employer Description

Since 1970, The de Paul School has been the forerunner in offering bright students with learning differences specialized, internationally acclaimed instruction, crafted to their academic needs. We pair the science of research-based instruction with the art of inspirational teaching to help students who are struggling with dyslexia, ADHD, dyscalculia, or other similar roadblocks to learning. Our mission is simple yet powerful:

The de Paul School teaches students with learning differences
how to learn, how to be independent and how to be successful.

Guided by this mission, we not only strengthen our students’ academic skills; we also teach them to be independent learners who understand how they learn best and who advocate for their own needs. Our alums are equipped to overcome barriers and reclaim their dreams for their futures. Their wide variety of successes as business leaders, doctors, artists, journalists and more attests to the “de Paul Difference” they received at our school. 

Join our team of dedicated educators in unlocking potential and shaping tomorrow’s leaders.  We seek superlative teachers who are passionate about their instruction, open to continual learning and professional growth, and committed to dignifying their students. We look forward to learning about the skills and insights you could bring to our school culture.  Learn more about The de Paul School at 

Diversity Mission Statement
From our School Handbook: 

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging  

There is great variety among the people who make up our school. While there are many important things that we have in common with each other, there are wonderful differences in our religious beliefs, what our families look like, our heritages, our skin colors, our bodies, our interests, who we love, our experiences of the world, and who we understand ourselves to be. We want you to hear this clearly: these differences are good. They make our community stronger and more interesting. They give us a way to understand the world better and to see it through various perspectives. They help us to learn to unite around what we have in common, instead of dividing ourselves through fear or prejudice. At de Paul, we don’t just accept variety among people – we celebrate it.

The de Paul School is committed to equality for all people. We want you to be happy being who you are, free to thrive without bias or unfair treatment. We want this for everyone in our school and in our world. It is your responsibility, then, to show welcome and respect to every member of our school. If someone shows a lack of kindness to others because of who they are, our goal will be to help that person make amends and learn to appreciate others. Frequent or severe disrespect for others is grounds for dismissal from our school. If you feel you are being treated unfairly due to bias, please talk to a teacher or administrator so the problem can be fixed.

In our classes, we will learn together about what makes people unique and interesting, and we will explore how to make sure others are being treated fairly and equally. Our school will consistently and lovingly teach in support of everyone’s dignity and right to equality, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender identity or expression, appearance, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability.