George Jackson Academy
George Jackson Academy opened its doors in the fall of 2003 with the expressed purpose of educating talented inner city boys from less advantaged backgrounds. Of particular note has been the school's effort to catch these same talented boys before they become disaffected with the formal education offered in their previous schools. GJA is unique in its sponsorship of an educationthat integrates the very best of what collaborative and individualizedlearning can offer aspiring students. Much of this approach has emerged from its association with De La Salle Academy (its founder, Brother Brian Carty, is its current Board Chair) and its La Sallian pedagogical roots. As such, it seeks to instill inits students an appreciation for the rewards that can emerge from agenuine pursuit of knowledge for its own sake and in concert with otherstudents. At the same time, it endeavors to take each student to thehighest mastery levels that he is capable of attaining in a culturefocused on intellectual and personal achievement. In that culture,students are given the tools to make meaning of their world andprovided with opportunities to reflect on their experience. A highpremium is placed on the goals of community-building, enlightenedleadership, and clear self-expression. To aid in these goals, theschool has constructed a set of academic expectations that move itsstudents to believe in themselves and their ability to contend with anyacademic challenge they may confront. The curriculum has been devisedto be creatively demanding as well as engaging, asking the very bestfrom its students in their eforts to resolve the questions that itposes for them. In this environment, where the "examined life" is apriority, our students are taught to react critically, to learn how thepower of thought can work for them, and how to weigh conflictinginformation and issues - on a moral and ethical level - in order tomake sense of them. In addition to the core subjects of language arts,physical and life science, mathematics, history, and Spanish, studentsalso learn social studies in combination with their language artscoursework, music, drama, art, logic, and public speaking.


Organization Name: George Jackson Academy
Address 1: 104 St. Marks Place
Address 2:
City, State, Zip: New York, New York  10009
Type: Private
Number of Students: 120
Lowest Grade: 4
Highest Grade: 8


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