NEMNET - Follow-Up Letters

Follow-Up Letters

Invitation to Visit

If offered the opportunity to visit and employer, acknowledge it and, if interested, make every effort to do so. It is the best way to get a sense of culture, work environment and with whoom you will be working with. In your letter or phone conversation, remember to state what dates would be convenient for you, avoiding weekends and holidays. Most of all do not delay, procrastination makes a bad impression.

Offers of Employment

Acknowledge receipt of offer, restating title of position and salary and expressing your appreciation. Indicate the date you will let the company know your decision and be sure to act before that date.

Letter of Acceptance

Indicate your acceptance of the offer of employment; restate position classification, compensation offered, and the starting date if previously established.
  • Refer to the date of the original offer letter.
  • Indicate your travel plans and anticipated arrival date if the initial assignment is at a considerable distance from your home.
  • Express your appreciation.

Letter of Refusal

In declining the offer of employment, express your appreciation for the offer and for the company’s interest in you.

Letter Seeking Additional Employment

Indicate an interest in the company and its offer, if an offer of employment has been made.
  • Be specific about the information that you need.
  • Express your appreciation for the cooperation that you anticipate.

Thank You Letter

After an interview, it is advisable to send a thank you letter to the recruiter, both as a professional courtesy and as a method of establishing communication with the company.

The letter should be mailed within one or two days of your interview.

The letter need only be two or three paragraphs in length. State the date and place you had your interview and reiterate your strongest selling points.

If you interviewed with more than one person, send the thank you letter to either the main contact person or the individual who will make the hiring decision [or both, if you feel it is appropriate].