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Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Hawken School
Lyndhurst, Ohio
Date Posted: 2/23/2024
Job ID: 74479
Position/Title: Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Employer: Hawken School
Department: Math
Category / Heading #1: Teaching  Math
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Status: FullTime
Job Description/Responsibilities:

Hawken School is committed to doing school differently and better. This means developing an inclusive and accepting community where adults feel empowered to design educational experiences for students that deepen their learning, engaging their emotions as well as their intellects. Hawken School seeks culturally competent teachers who are committed to equity and social justice, comfortable taking risks, and who embrace a growth mindset. Our faculty members are constantly looking for new ways to inspire student curiosity while remaining dedicated to nurturing compassion and kindness in our students.




Hawken School seeks an innovative middle school mathematics educator. We are committed to teaching mathematics through pattern recognition, problem solving, and interdisciplinary application in all of our courses. Our classes leverage multiple mathematical tools and representations to enhance student exploration, learning, and discovery with embedded use of technologies such as 1:1 laptops, Desmos, TI-Nspire software, Computer Algebra Systems (CAS), GeoGebra, and others. We seek candidates willing to dive into new initiatives with an open mind and collaborative spirit.




Responsibilities include:

       Teaching four total sections of a mix of 7th-grade Pre-Algebra and Algebra courses

       Teaching a one-trimester middle school elective course

       Incorporating other aspects of mathematics such as statistics and technology-enhanced and other student-centered exploration in all courses

       Serving as a member of the Middle School Mathematics Department, attending departmental meetings and supporting the work of the department

       Serving as an advisor to a group of middle school students, overseeing the academic and social growth of advisees

       Serving as a member of a grade-level team of teachers, attending grade-level trips and attending team meetings weekly to plan, develop, and assess co-curricular activities and student support in alignment with Hawken’s mission

       Coach or lead a significant co-curricular activity within the Middle School

       Perform other non-teaching duties as assigned by the Co-Directors of the Middle School and Head of School

Minimum Degree: BS
Certification Required: No
Minimum Experience: 1-3 Years




       A Master’s degree in mathematics or mathematics education and recent teaching experience is preferred; a bachelor’s degree in these or a related field of study is required

       Demonstrated competence in mathematics curriculum instruction and pedagogy

       Exceptional understanding of the developmental needs of middle school learners

       A positive, growth-oriented approach to partnership with students, faculty, and parents

       A joyful enthusiasm for middle school learners

       Flexibility, energy, creativity, high expectations, and a sense of humor

       Facility with dynamic educational technologies

       A willingness and eagerness to assist in the life of Hawken School

       Experience in dealing with and collaborating with colleagues and parents


Founded on the ideal that “the better self shall prevail and each generation introduce its successor to a higher plane of life,” Hawken School is a coeducational independent day school with over 1,600 students from toddler through grade 12. Our four campuses are located within 25 minutes of downtown Cleveland, with  two campuses in the eastern suburbs of Cleveland, a campus on Cleveland’s west side, and a campus in University Circle, home to the Mastery School of Hawken and also our school-wide center for experiential and service learning . A nationally recognized leader in innovative programming, Hawken prepares students to meet the challenges of tomorrow's world.


Lyndhurst: Lower and Middle School (Toddler – Grade 8)

Hawken’s Lyndhurst campus houses programs for toddlers through grade eight that reflect the school’s dual commitment to academic and social curricula. Beginning in Early Childhood, students are taught in developmentally appropriate ways to make choices, manage time, think critically and creatively, develop ownership for their learning, and engage others with empathy. Hawken’s Lower School program focuses on building a strong foundation in basic academic skills with an increasing emphasis on personal responsibility. With a focus on hands-on learning and student choice, our Middle School program enables students to be active participants in their education. By exploring science, math, and the humanities using an interdisciplinary and experience-based approach, students dive deeply into subject areas and become immersed in the process of learning and discovery.

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Tuition Remission: No
Spend for Graduate Study: No
Relocation Assistance/Allowance: No
Support/Sponsor Work visas to overseas candidates: No
ON Campus Housing: No
OFF Campus Housing: No
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Contact Info


Please send a resume, references, and a cover letter to: Mr. Jelani Watkins and Dr. Michelle Harris, Co-Directors of the Middle School, at

Hawken School is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to promoting all forms of diversity in the workplace and in our student body. We strongly urge all qualified individuals to apply.