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Critical Race Theory (CRT): “Doing the Right Thing” WEBINAR:
2/21/2023, 1:00pm - 3:30pm EDT

This 2.5hr webinar will focus on understanding the relationship between Critical Race Theory (CRT) and education.
This webinar is designed to:
• Ensure we have common vocabulary to discuss CRT and DEI frameworks
• Understand CRT as a legal theory
• Understand how CRT may be present in education
• Take away a starting framework for building trust and furthering DEI in educational settings


• CRT Origin and Purpose
• CRT in schools
• Pushback
• Misgivings Concerns Fears
• Recommendations and Takeaways


This workshop is open to Public and Private school Faculty and Administrators. In an effort to build a common language and understanding across divisions and departments we strongly suggest schools registering at least one member from each of the following constituencies: Governance Leadership/Administration and Faculty/Staff.

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