Miss Hall's School

About Miss Hall's School

Founded in 1898, Miss Hall's School (MHS) was one of the firstall-girls boarding schools established in New England. Today theSchool is a nationally recognized, boarding and day independentsecondary school that combines an exceptional college-preparatorycurriculum with two acclaimed leadership programs, Horizons and theGirls' Leadership Project. Both programs are central to theirbelief that, in addition to outstanding academic preparation, girlsneed additional skills that allow them to step confidently intocollege and beyond. These two signature programs teach girls tocommunicate effectively and authentically, voice opinions withresolve and respect, and be comfortable having influence, leadingchange, and contributing boldly and creatively to the commongood.

Along with Miss Hall's rigorous academic program, the studentscan participate in arts, athletics, community outreach, and otherclubs outside of their classes. At MHS student activities are aboutconnecting with others, creating something new, and learning tolead. Miss Hall's School currently enrolls 214 girls, representing16 states and 26 countries. The campus spans over 90 acres in theBerkshires including 25 classrooms, 92 dorm rooms, 18 housing unitsfor faculty and staff, Athletic Center, Arts Center, Library,Softball Field, Writing Center and other academic buildings.



Organization Name: Miss Hall's School
Address 1: 492 Holmes Rd.
Address 2:
City, State, Zip: Pittsfield, Massachusetts  01201
Type: College/University


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