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A Message to NEMNET Member Schools & Organizations | COVID -19

Dear Members Schools, 

Greetings and good morning. 

During these unprecedented times, we hope that you and your loved ones are well and safe.
The spread of COVID -19 has impacted our lives in new and uncharted ways. 
We must all do what we can to reduce the spread of COVID -19. 

We know that most, if not all, schools will be closing their doors for a period of time to aid in slowing the spread of the virus. 
We also know that some states have already taken the unprecedented steps to close their schools for the remainder of the academic year. 
We expect more states and schools to follow suit. 

We understand that many schools have not yet filled all of their openings. 
The recruitment, screening and hiring processes have and will continue to be impacted. 
The result, among other things, will mean extended recruitment timelines, virtual interviews and delayed hiring decisions. 

We want you to know that NEMNET remains open and is fully operational. 
We look forward to working with you through this challenging time to ensure that you have the best possible outcome . .  . whether it is hiring a NEMNET candidate or not. We continue to communicate with our network of job seekers and are committed to assisting you in your searches. 

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to NEMNET and staff diversity. 
Please feel free to contact us if we can be of additional assistance. 

We wish you and your families well. 

Best Regards, 

Warren Reid
Founder & CEO
NEMNET Minority Recruitment  


We continue to recruit and register new job seekers. 
All are being encouraged to use this time to review and update their online profile and supportive documents. 
We will be coaching and counseling candidates as to the implications of COVID -19 on your recruitment timelines and hiring deadlines.  
We will also be providing candidates with best practices relative to virtual interviewing and distance learning. 

Job Postings:
Currently, we have over 1400 jobs posted on <a href="" tabindex="-1">
We expect to post an additional 1000 new jobs by May.
Our online job board is fully operational and available to our network of educators and job seekers. 
Post away!

Resume Review:
Our National Resume Database remains fully functional. 
Search and View active profiles right from your desktop.

We know that many schools are making changes to their recruiting schedules and process. 
Some searches have been temporarily suspended.  
Candidates are being coached and counselled on virtual/phone interviews.