Middle School Mathematics Teacher
St. Mark's School of Texas
Dallas, Texas
Salary: Based on Experience
Date Posted: 11/3/2017
Job ID: 40243
Position/Title: Middle School Mathematics Teacher
Employer: St. Mark's School of Texas
Department: Mathematics Department
Category: Teaching
Type: Math 5-8
Status: FullTime
Job Description/Responsibilities:
St. Mark’s School of Texas seeks a caring, nurturing individual with high expectations for student achievement to teach mathematics in the middle school. The three courses targeted for the assignment are 5th, 6th, and 7th grade math. Successful experience teaching mathematics to middle school students is preferred, and candidates should have studied mathematics through Prealgebra. Strong candidates will design lessons that lead to the mastery of concepts and skills, integrating calculators and other instructional technology when appropriate. Ideal candidates will develop lessons that support a variety of learning styles to a diverse group of talented young mathematicians. Lessons should include multiple representations of concepts, including verbal, graphical, numerical, and analytic. Candidates must communicate mathematics in a clear and expressive manner, using correct terminology and notation.

The candidate should expect to work with students in preparation for math contests (including MATHCOUNTS) at the middle school level and attend contests if needed. At some point, the teacher will likely serve as a coach for the middle school contests.

At St. Mark’s, teaching faculty also serve as Advisors to a small group of students, guiding the boys through the academic year. Additionally, the most competitive candidates will contribute in other areas of our campus including coaching in athletics and the wilderness program. Finally, St. Mark’s is committed to character and leadership education, and candidates should have a desire to develop these qualities in students as much as the delivery of math content.

• Teaching math at the 5th, 6th, or 7th grade level. At the 7th grade level, the content is Prealgebra.
• Working with the lead teachers for those courses in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade to constantly review, revise, and improve curriculum as well as end-of-course tests for those courses.
• Preparing middle school students for math contests which includes meeting with the interested students at least once a week. This will include attending contests if the teacher assumes a coaching role.
• Participating in the character and leadership education program.
• Contributing to the broader community in some way such as sponsoring a club, participating in the wilderness program, coaching an athletic sport, or some other contribution based on experience.
Minimum Degree: BA
Certification Required: No
Minimum Experience: 3-5 Years

Experience/Qualifications & Skills
• A bachelor’s degree in mathematics or math education is preferred, but a degree in a strongly related field such as science or engineering may suffice to qualify.
• Five or more years of experience teaching mathematics at the middle school level is required.
• Knowledge of how to differentiate instruction to accommodate different learning styles.
• Basic knowledge of calculators including the TI-30 and the TI-84.
• Ability to write your own examples, problems, and assessments to supplement our textbooks.
• Experience in helping students develop organization skills such as maintaining a math notebook and note-taking.
• Demonstrate a passion for the mathematics content you are assigned to deliver.
• Ability to work with colleagues and young boys.
Application Notes:
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Qualified applicants should email a letter of interest, resume, and a statement of teaching philosophy to recruitment@smtexas.org.

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Open Until Filled
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