How COVID is changing education: addressing the CX & EX challenges
5/20/2020, 3:00pm - 4:30pm EDT
About this Event
While education was not part of COVID-19's first wave of impact, the cascading effects of the public health emergency hit it in many ways:
Shutdown of in-person education
Rapidly transitioning students and educators to online methods
Instability for foreign / non-regional students
Economic uncertainty for families, students, and partners (co-op, internships, donors)
Financial shortfalls for many institutions
This 90-minute online webinar will bring together experts from across traditional education and new education services/platforms to discuss this new era for education. Our focus will be on better understanding how organisations must adapt to meet the rapidly changing student experience and educator needs.
The event will feature two panels and will explore the expected challenges of restarting 'business as usual' for the Fall semester, as well as the expected disruptions which will change the industry. This event is part of an events series about the impacts of COVID-19. Learn more about it here.

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